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You're not Punk and I'm telling everyone

Save your breath. I never was one.

November 17th, 2009

Writer's Block: Message in a bottle @ 03:45 pm

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What three items would you place in a time capsule to help future generations understand you?

Hm... I'm tempted to say something mildly stupid, like "a dictionary, sign language for dummies and a pair of signal flags ", but really I'm pretty sure the answer is: my ipod, a feather pillow, some pliers.
Although, I would give away my ipod OVER MY DEAD BODY. So. you know, after I'm dead. Or get an identical one with my music on it.

August 15th, 2009

Writer's Block: Confidence Booster @ 03:58 pm

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What do you wear to feel confident?
A really awesome hairdo, actually. I pretty much feel like I rock anything when I have great hair (which could be why I keep committing serious fashion-crimes like, IDK, FORTIES PIN-UP HAIR WITH SWEATPANTS AND AN OVERSIZED T-SHIRT WITH SUPERHEROES ON IT?).

Obviously, I am not entirely normal like that. I do occasionally wear, like, super-skinny dark jeans tucked into my high black boots and a less geek-tastic top, but only when I am in the mood for excruciating discomfort...

March 21st, 2009

Mermaids - how do they poop? @ 12:39 am

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Current Music: Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker, Op. 71 - Dance of the Reed Flutes. iTunes RANDOM.

The thing that has taken up most of my cerebral power today is, perhaps worryingly, the question of what exactly mythological creatures consisting of both animal and human features would look like upon closer and more thorough inspection. Here's what I came up with:

Centaurs - just how many lungs, livers and hearts do they have : discuss.

Well, I'd say it's pretty stupid to assume that the inside of an allready scientifically impossible creature would, in fact, match the outside. That is to say, who the hell needs four lungs, especially if they have only one head. And I don't want to imagine what a DOUBLE HEART-situation looks like... 

And Mermaids - how do they poop : discuss. 

This one is tough, because I seriously doubt anyone has ever tried to depict or describe the butthole of a mermaid before. But they must poop. So, the only answer I can think of is one of the following: 1 - They have fish-like buttholes that are located somewhere in the southernmost regions of the tail, next to some similarly placed reproductive organs...or 2 - They actually have the human version, only it's really hard to see, due to cleverly placed scales and stuff. (The sexual plumbing would certainly be more convenient in the fishy way. Consider being able only to have sex either from the front or from behind. -Mermaids can't spread their legs. So the fishy way is better. It would also be awesome in humans: imagine having sex just by brushing your feet together? HEE HEE, FOOT-PORN. It gives a WHOLE new meaning to the word footsie. I could go on and on.)

...I sometimes scare myself a little, but there are some things that just *think themselves*. I never had any say in the matter. I was just sitting there, being a good girl and paying my bills online and before I knew it, I was ruminating of the hidden anatomy of improbable creatures out of folklore. It didn't help that I'd recently ended up watching one of those crazy british documentaries on embarassing illnesses and the many afflictions of the crotch.


There you have it.

I have also been utterly shanghai'ed by the Merlin fandom. Jesus W. Churchill Christ on a bed of lettuce, kill me now. I've lost all respect for my own taste and judgement. I should be locked up without internet access for my own protection (except please don't, because I'm really enjoying myself.)   WHAT.

January 12th, 2009


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Hm. so. I have not been posting a prodigious deal lately... This could be because I suffer from winter depressions, and general lack of initiative. I totally depress myself these days. But what can you do? You can soldier on, but it's not inspiring to write about it, and since I can't persuade myself to write fanfic myself (however much I love reading all that mad-ass shit) I am doomed to arts and crafts. Good outlet, I find.

So I HAVE been makin' with the t-shirt makin'!  Here come the two newest and coolest. I have become fond of the slightly pop-arty style you see here, and the bright colors (which are much brighter in real life, let me tell you.

That actually my dad.

The one above is actually my dad, made, mind you, from a VERY  old photo... The one below is a burning galley and some stray wing off a "viking" helmet. But you can also interpret it as a dragon. whatever floats your boat :)

Burning galley and tray wing.

That is all for now, except I hope whoever reads this has had a really nice non-denominational winter holiday, and new year celebration.

Peace out.

October 27th, 2008

Writer's Block: The Undead @ 07:43 pm

With Halloween on the horizon, burning questions about the undead need to be answered: Can being a zombie be considered suffering?
Er. Only in the metaphorical sense... considering zombies have no feelings. But I could totally subscribe to the zombie-suffering of the severely hung over insomniac. Yes, I could.

September 12th, 2008

Wow. Finally remembered to post pictures of my work! @ 10:33 pm

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Ok. I seriously thought I had already posted pictures of my "stunning" creations, But apparently not...

So it is with great pleasure, and not a little trepidation, that I give you:  Two t-shirts and a tiara. Designed by me.

The first one is my very first t-shirt decorated ever. It's based off of scorpionvoices ' icon. The colors look weird in this picture...

t nr one

Now, this I made for my MOTHER. She WEARS IT! I kid you not. It's a quote from Dr. M. R. McKay... : )

t nr two

And last but not least (if you take into account how much time it took me to make this!), my brother's girlfriend's new tiara.
- SHE IS the motherfucking princess!


It's been stretched out for picture-taking purposes. It's actually in the shape of a real tiara. : )

September 6th, 2008

A Frustrating Lack of Thunder and Lightening @ 02:20 pm

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Current Music: Hybrid Moments - the Misfits

Ohh. Life is unfair today, it foiled my brilliant plans for gluttonous self-pleasing.

~ Ahem, hem.   Dear Journal...

Today i wake up feeling like such crap it's not even a little bit funny.

Thus my brain comes up with a devious plan for the lightening of my mood through (see above):

I decide to send a message to a person whose icon is very obviously misspelled. I plan to be condescendingly friendly in my ways, and very, very british in my writing... 

'Tis a good plan, and gives my much pleasure to work on for a whole ten minutes until true perfection has been reached.

Unfortunately, this is where my enjoyment ends, as to my utter horror, the stupid LJ thing decides the username to which I sent my gleeful missive does not exist.   

Nooooo!   This cannot be!  

I checked the name of the maker of the icon again, and found that sadly, this username does in fact not exist. I had written it down wrong, and now I shall never find it again. ~

Fucking bad short-term memory motherfucker. I'm so over you. Go get killed in a metaphysical car-accident.


July 10th, 2008

You wanna mess with me? Go on, I have a piglet! @ 09:20 pm

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Current Music: Allegri's Misere Mei, Deus, sung by the choir of Kings College (in my Head)

Aaaarrrghh. I feel so crap. Is sick in my stomack, and has worst *time of month* EVER! 

But the icons are rad!  :D The spiderpig one is just one sample of 

rytalias great and glorious collection. 

She is the   bee's knees.  I kid you not. 

In other mews, I went out today and, as a reward*(actual footnote) for going to the dentist and being bored for an hour, I bought myself a collection of old 50's and 60's horror movies. Hee.  Among these fine specimens were: FF Coppola's Dementia 13, and the Little Shop Of Horrors. Hee again. 

* (actual footnote, see) Which is absolute crap, because as long as I get local anaestesia I'm actually rather fond of my dentist, and I get to go flirt with the cashier at the record store where I bought the movies by lisping at her charmingly and explaining that I couldn't feel my own ear.



July 2nd, 2008

Funnies On LJ!!! @ 12:47 am

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 Oh. My. God. 

There is a community on LJ called something like "Fic Finder F-Q-F" (much too lazy to link .-That would require checking the actual name, which I am not doing), and it kind of fried my brains, but in an entirely good way. 

They mock and/or take advantage of the bad grammar and general vagueness of people when they search for fic, to write crack!fic based on someone's acid-trip like memories of a fic they once read... And it had me in tears, getting interrupted conveniently by someone who had heard my wails of laughter, and barged in to mooch on my good humor.  :D 

Go read, if youre intelligent enough to actually find it from this account.

June 14th, 2008

Writer's Block: Gender Bender @ 06:40 pm

Do you ever want to be of the opposite sex? If so, what attracts you to the idea? If not, what repels you?

Yes, I've actually always felt like I wanted to be a guy. Strongly, in fact. But it's mostly an irrational thought, considering difficulties aren't doled out equally in either gender, and if I were a guy, I'd most likely be exactly as much of a fuck-up as I am now... And even less attractive. That is, if the guy version of me would be the same genetic combo. If it turned radically different, and I wound up looking anything like my brother (a bit of a creepy thought, to be honest), I'd be seriously pleased. He's the kind of guy all the girls want to be: tall, slim, good features, and that indefinable air of being comfortable in not only his own skin, but any kind of clothing imaginable. Be it a sack or an Armani suit... :)

I suppose I'm most attracted to the idea of not needing to pretty myself up a lot, but being able to do it anyway, in defiance of the norm or something. 

It really doesn't repel me at all, except when I imagine what I would realistically look and feel like as a boy-me. Scary, scary thought. 

-Like, maybe my brother wouldn't be as much of a friend to his fairy little brother as he is to his mildly awkward ittle sister?

-Or, maybe I'd have a teeny tiny dick. How would that feel? *shudders*


You're not Punk and I'm telling everyone

Save your breath. I never was one.